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All 1 movie Review

Qi Qi

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Alright, all 10's? Give me a break.

This is good. Not great. I'd say if anything the music carries the entire movie. You take the music away and you got shit.

The 3D was okay. Mainly common objects with shitty texture maps. Yeah, a monkey could do that.

The 2d graphics were rough and low quality and overall unimpressive.

Overall, for an amateur, its great.

Otherwise it's AMATEUR

Narcissus responds:

I plan on doing better, much better. But for now, it is nice knowing the bar here has been raised a bit. ;)

Do you have some work of your own to show (website somewhere)? I am always receptive to learn new techniques. I really consider myself to be at the infant stage in the 3D world, but, we all have to start somewhere (hell, you should see some of the crap I was doing in Flash four years ago that would make my first submission on this site look 'pro'). :Þ